I’m so glad you found me.
I’ve been waiting for you here among all the other words on the web.
The forest photo above shows a sea of trees.
I see waves of words to enjoy and explore together.
I love the strivings of sentences and the satisfaction of finding them complete, settled on that page just right.
You know the feeling that “ahhhhhh,” you have arrived,
the wording works, and yes … it is perfect.

I am excited by the possibility of supporting you in your accurate expression.
Allow me to assist you in aligning thought with form so that your words may be completely and deeply understood by your readers.

I’m Merrin Wilding, writer and copyeditor, living in the beauty of Boulder, Colorado.
I look forward to our work together.


This is where I tell you a little bit about myself so you start to realize I really would love to help you with your project … and I can.


This is where I serve you in word work. Let me write, edit, and proof for you
... to your heart’s content.


This is where I bravely place bits and pieces of my life’s written work before your eyes. Enjoy my stories, poems, prose, and musings … why not?