We will navigate your work together, charting your first draft chapters through their journey, making sure the voice, tone, and structure are keeping clear companionship. Are you confusing those first-grade readers of your children’s book or being too simplistic for the sophisticated in your mystery novel? Did your character fall through a gap in the floor on page 68, only to be sitting on a park bench on page 192 with the wrong hat on her now curly-haired head? The devil is in the details they say, but he’s also in the dance.


I’ll be looking not only for the misspelled, but also the misplaced—those possible misalignments in your missive and the grammar that needs tending. I will seek to gently smooth the flow of your writing and catch that overly repeated word. Copy editing is looking at your thoughts in form, and gently striving to assure that they move from the page to your reader’s understanding as cleanly and clearly as possible. Did I say I will be gentle? I promise.


This is the patient art of hunting the hidden error: the ward (word) that spellcheck thinks it has corrected, and really hasn’t; that extra space in your    sentence that distracts; the misspelled name or that Capitalization confusion. You want your reader to read your work, not stumble on those minor errors. Graced by my Virgo moon (go ahead, laugh), I have a good eye for detail. We simply cannot see all of our own mistakes; a lifetime of making them myself has proven this to me. 


You’ve had a vision, you have a project.
You need a collaborative writer.
You have a life story you want to capture in words.
You need a ghostwriter.
Here I am.
Words for hire.
Short and sweet,
long and luxurious.
Your words are seeking freedom from imagination to form.
Let’s talk.