Cremation, India, 1983

Flesh to fire on Friday Freed those bones, that blood, to boil and burst Upon the breeze. (The elements engaged, dispersed.) In joy the soul beforehand leapt,And left this weight behind.Life drank the juice, now flames consume the rind. We three of youth and laughter so inspired,Hit that foul but fragrant wall of smells that … Read more

Curb of your Childhood

We are sitting together on this curb of your childhood. I warn: the asphalt may make your feet bleed as you cross.We hear the meadowlark flirting, the sweetness of soft grass and daylillies smile their welcome,Come to the meadow of woman.Thistles hide, thorns…the stinging nettle…I sigh.You drop my hand and run across.

Swaddled in Silk

Silk is expensive, I know this. But it is such a serene statement, and it drapes in layers of reflected light around a body when it lies so still and stately. When you move this material through your fingers, it has honor and elegance woven into its fibers. The wrinkles are perfect, each a statement … Read more